Eridan quest

An Oculus Quest video game
Game in development

Hack n slash vr game

Eridan Quest is a dark fantasy hack and slash game set in a dark fantasy world, travel through caves, castles and devastated lands looking for the eridan jewel

4 playable characters

choose your character and combat with different game mechanics

innovative gameplay in vr

classics arcade combat style mixed with virtual reality game mechanics


choose between history mode or endurance procedural level generated

Meet our heroes

4 eligible characters with differents combat style, powers and skills

Meet the dwarf

Strong character whit the skill of throwing lights, bombs and meat bait, poor blocking and dodge skills.

Meet the assasin

Fast character with great dodge skill, can throw traps and make instant kills.

Meet the knight

Balanced character with great blocking skills. Can use auras to get combat advantages

Meet the wizard

Ranged character with the skill of summons minions and revive enemys for fight to her side.

A Look Inside the world

Enjoy the adventure in history mode or have fun in the procedural environment generation level

Narrative history in a linear progression throw differents levels in History Mode.

Infinite procedural random level generated in the Endurance Mode.

Differents environments

Travel throw differents environments in the adventure

classic arcade mechanics with fresh new vr ones

Enjoy the classics hack and slash games with the mix of vr game mecanics

Our proposal

Coffee Bean

hack n slash game

Coffee Bean

4 differents characters

Coffee Bean

vr mechanics

Game in alpha state

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Granada (Spain)



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